Thursday, December 08, 2005


I'm starting this blog now because tomorrow is my Preniversary®. "That's not a made that up," you say? I hear 'ya! That's why I trademarked it. Now you have to pay me if you want to use it.

Anyway, this represents my first foray into online life since "Mike Johnson's Completely Useless Web Site." (b. Feb '97, d. Feb '97) I'm going to use this space to share with you the fun and excitement of the plans. I'll also be posting plenty of my pictures, random thoughts and links to cool/interesting stuff I find.

I hope you find this interesting (you probably won't), that you learn a thing or two (you may) and that you come back often (you will, but only because I will hound you incessantly to visit).

See you soon. - M

Just ran spellcheck and it didn't like "Preniversary®." Silly spellcheck! You'll learn!


Lisa said...

hehe - thought I came up with it first but you beat me to it - drats! ;-)

Lisa said...

Thought I came up with it first - looks like you beat me to it! ;-)