Thursday, May 25, 2006


Well, after more than a year and a half of no vacations, I'm going away this weekend to Boston with Patricia. Since this is my first time there, I'll be doing all of the usual touristy stuff, and I may even (all together, now) "pahk the cah in hahvud yahd."

We think we hit the jackpot and we'll be staying at the Boston Park Plaza, which is right near Boston Common.

I'll be sure to let you know all about it next week.

Google Labs

Google Labs- A.K.A. your playground on the Internet

So, I know you always want to be the first on your block using the cool new device on the internet. Well, if you do, then you should be hanging around Google Labs.

These are the folks who brought you the applications GMail (which is now my default personal mail), Google Earth (which I've mentioned before) and the image utility Picasa.

These are all great, and they fill a need I didn't even know I had before they came along. But the latest thing that has my eye is something simple that I've wanted for a while.

I'm always jotting down website addresses and notes, or sending myself e-mails to remember things I saw online. Now, there's Google Notebook. You can write yourself notes, copy & paste words and images and save the address so you can check it out later. Plus, if you have Firefox, it's that much easier thanks to a special plugin.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Doo Wop Motels

There was a story that came over the AP feed today about the most endangered historic places according to the National Trust for Historic Preservation (a staircase at the WTC and parts of New Orleans, in case you were wondering what was at the top).

However, at the end of the article, there was a list of the other most endangered historic places. One that caught my eye was "Doo Wop Motels" of Wildwood, New Jersey. I looked it up and, sure enough, they were talking about the obviously dated but still cool buildings that I remember from the shore while I was growing up.

It's good to hear that some are still holding out against the modern (and boring) beach homes that have been going up of late.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lost Experience

So, the big thing monopolizing my free time right now is the Lost online "game" that has begun. This site (click this post's headline), "Lost Experience" is a good place for finding out the latest developments and posting theories. Some of the stuff the people on this board is amazing, including decoding number sequences and finding hidden messages.

Apparently, this whole game is meant to keep everyone busy between now and the next season. With all of the hints and half-explained stuff we have seen this season, I'm hoping for some answers! Hoping, but not holding my breath...