Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hamsters Redux

Dave raises a very good point in the comments below, and I think it deserves to be elevated to its own post. Can we get a consensus on which is preferred?

Original Hamster Dance
Hamster Dance Remix

Let's hash out the relative merits of each in the comments.



Mair said...

I'll take the original....nothing can top that.

Cindy said...

Not sure I fully get the humor of the hamster dance, but might I suggest checking out "christmas lights gone wild?" Follow the vid link at the end of this page:

Mike said...


I don't think there's much to "get" with the hamsters. You're not missing anything, there just isn't anything there.

Rodent discussions will be kept to a minimum in the future.

EKG said...

I'll take the old school version. Isn't this the same song that Little John hums all the time in Disney's Robin Hood?

Mike said...

I never nnew that!!!! There was always something a little bit familiar about it. And, you have COMPLETELY proven your case by referring to the single greatest authority in the known universe, the IMDB.

Don Di Giovanni said...

The original is the better. The pix remind me of some of our dearly departed little friends. The remix looks and sounds too contrived.