Friday, June 02, 2006

Mr. Softee, R.I.P.

Bedazzled!: Mister Softee co-founder dead at 78

Say it ain't so! Unfortunately, it is true. Mr. Softee is no more. I know that those trucks (and that music -- did you know there are words to that song?!?!? Don't tell me "On the Mike" isn't chock full of info.) seem like they've been around forever, but I didn't know that it actually does go all the way back to 1958.

I also didn't know that their building in Runnemede (proud home of Tri-High) was actually their headquarters.

No word on whether or not Mr. Conway was killed when run over by someone who disregarded the "Stop for Our Children" signs on one of his trucks.

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Don Di Giovanni said...

Funny thing was that when I was selling copy machines I stopped in there. I asked if the buying was done from there or their headquarters. I was surprised when they informed me that IS their hqs.
A smallish office furnished in vintage '60s/'70s (this was in the '90s), it had a novelty memorabilia collector's dream on the walls with original Softee ads and posters.
The back part of the building is the garage where they customize and repair/refurbish those trucks.
I just love the 1/2 Mister Softee truck mounted on the roof!